Toyota European Agile Camp 2022

July saw the first edition of the Toyota European Agile Camp (#TEAC22), hosted at the Toyota Motor Europe's European headquarters in Brussels. 
It was an opportunity to bring together agile coaches working in the various European countries, to share initiatives in which they are involved and to pool different experiences and needs.  

The camp programme

During the two-day camp, face-to-face presentations (in the morning) alternated with moments of discussion in which groups of people gathered to discuss topics proposed by the participants. 

How to enable business agility

di Zakaria Gaizi (Toyota Motor Europe, France)

From functional to feature teams

A use case of practical agility in Kinto Join & Ride  a use case from Toyota Serbia

di Bojan Smudja (Toyota Motor Serbia)

Goal setting trumps agile

di Marc Vandyck, (Toyota Motor Europe)

Agile Portfolio Management

How Business and IT can work together to select valuable initiatives. 
A case history from Toyota Motor Italy

di Giovanni Puliti (Agile Reloaded)

Agile Bootup - The experience so far. Lean inception in TME.

di Ioannis Goniadis (Toyota Motor Europe)


The Toyota European Agile Camp was the brainchild of a small group of agilists who used to regularly meet online. The desire to get back to doing something together live prompted the coaches to think about creating something different in presence.

Not just talking…

In addition to classic presentations, participants also “worked” together experimenting with some unconventional communication techniques. From traditional icebreaker for team building, to confrontational moments where logic and reasoning are left aside to make room for emotionality and lateral thinking.

Systemic constellations: the space for action in the team.

What do you think about?


Kanban basically means looking carefully at a visual signal…so, why not use classic post-it, graphic facilitation, drawings or wall boards.


The energy and participation of some of the coaches was heartwarming. Listening to stories and experiences from afar literally catched everyone’s eyes.

Just Talk

Towards the end of the second day, schemes and schedules literally went haywire: we simply wanted to talk.

See you soon

At the end of the camp, we left with a promise: we enjoyed the experience and want to meet again…We would like to try to organise more moments like this, perhaps with a certain cadence. We will certainly tell you more stories.